Brother HL-3172CDW series smudges

Mar 18, 2021
I have a Brother HL-3172CDW series printer. It started printing kind of smudgy pretty soon after I started using it, but it has been getting worse lately. It's like it doesn't fill out with toner what neeeds filling and then smears it elsewhere. (It is fused on the paper though.) I attached a scan of the test print so you can see for yourself. I also included the maintenance information. It started saying "WT Box End Soon" yesterday, but the smudge problem is much older than that.

( This printer also seems to consume its various consumables much faster that it says it should, but I guess that is somehow normal in the home printing industry.)

I'd be very thankful if someone here could tell me what to do to fix this smudging. (I tried moving the wire cleaners on the various color/BK cartridges back and forth, that didn't help.)

Alternatively, after buying a different printer every five years or so and being unhappy, I take advice for a color laser printer that will finally make me happy.


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  • test_print.pdf
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