Brother MFC-J6520DW printer: file doesn't fully load

Apr 10, 2017
Sometimes after I start a print job, I look at my print job in the printer queue and it shows the file size xx/yy MB, where xx is often less than yy, as if the entire document doesn't get loaded into the print queue somehow. Sometimes I find if I can't print from Microsoft Word, for example, I need to print to Cute PDF and then I can print the PDF, but that doesn't always work either. but it's more likely to work that way than from any other program.

FYI, I use WIFI and it's not easy to connect directly to the computer where it's at, but I don't have any other wifi problems with other items that run on wifi. The printer is pretty close to the router (within 2 feet) so there should be no reception issues.

Let me know if you have any ideas how to fix this.

Another problem I have is ) I often get a "printer offline" error, sometimes it gets fixed by turning printer off and back on, sometimes I need to reboot the PC, sometimes neither works, but none are good solutions to constantly have to do that.

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