Brother MFC-J6520DW (USB) and PC lose connection

Feb 13, 2016
I have a Brother MFC-J6520DW installed via USB to a Dell Inspiron 3847 running Windows 8.1 and Avira (free) version This new printer (in January), replaces a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 that did not exhibit this problem.

When the PC is started the printer will work fine. At some point during the day it loses the ability to print from the PC, it will only print from the web via Chrome or Firefox. I cannot print from Works 6.0, Excel,Word 2013 or from Dropbox.
When I attempt to print from Works by clicking on file/print the Microsoft Works dialog box appears and says " No default printer selected, use Windows control panel to specify your printer". If I try to print by clicking on the printer icon the following message appears " The printer driver is missing or not valid. Run the Windows Setup program to install printer software again".

The printer is shown as default in Control Panel, the spooler service is running and set to automatic. There are no prints in the queue, the correct port is selected (USB001) printer is not offline or paused.
When I click the Fix Printer Problems it returns a message " the troubleshooter could not identify the problem. It gives no further reason why it could not find/fix.

I have deleted the printer and drivers and downloaded latest from the Brother website........this did not fix the problem.
I have disabled my virus and firewall programs..........this did not fix the problem.
I have power cycled the printer, unplugged and replugged the USB cable...............this did not fix the problem.
I have Disabled the USB Selective Suspend setting.......this did not fix the problem.

I can however right click the default printer icon in Control Panel and in printer properties have a test page printed.

It seems like something is timing out as Windows simply does not see the default printer. As I can print from other applications (Chrome, Firefox) that would seem to suggest the printer and drivers are installed properly.

The central question seems to be........Why does Windows recognize the default printer at startup (and restart) but for no apparent reason lose it after a period of time ???

As I only know enough about computers to be dangerous I am hoping someone with more insight can offer some suggestions as to the "problem"

I apologize for the length of this post but I wanted to cover the steps I have already taken as I have not seen this particular problem with a non-network USB connected printer on any forums.

Thank you

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