Brother MFC-J825DW Network Printing Issues?

Jan 18, 2020
H! First of all want to say it was rather nice to find a forum that will hopefully be helpful with printer issues as some have been getting more technical lately and had me looking into other avenues of finding the answers I need.

Ok my problem I'm having whether I'm on the home network, Google Cloud Print, etc. If I try to print from mobile devices or a laptop downstairs I have no luck. worked fine in the past with the phone specifically when it was new but after awhile that had stopped which baffled me.

Anyways back to the portable devices and laptop downstairs. They won't print when trying to print unless fro example with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ if I download the item I want to print (PDF, Bank Statement,Etc) then print it from the phone using the Brother Specific app which never use to be the case. I've tried cycling printer, laptop, phone, tablet, etc with no luck except if I download it which I think is odd. I've even tried stopping/restarting the print spooler from all apps, removing and reconnecting the connection from printer to wireless router, tried 2.4 vs 5ghz networks in house as I have range extenders tied into the main which have successfully worked in the past as well for printing. Even restarting the printer gives no luck.

Here's where things change though. If I turn on specific laptop upstairs the printer will show documents in queue whether from a different laptop or portable device (Phone/Tablet [Android&Apple) so I normally wind up wasting a couple to few sheets getting the print jobs shut down that are in queue. I feel this has something to do with the specific laptop even when turned off not allowing other devices to print as odd as it sounds. I've never dealt with anything like this and I've always had Brother Printers.

For a side note for those interested as well I use off brand ink which had always worked well the 12+ years I've been buying it since my father mentioned it. I use the LD Products brand due to the quality and pricing.

Asa first time frustrated poster I welcome any suggestions and thank those in advance who have the time to reply as if you're like me you may be sick, dealing with snow and the drifts as well as the regular workload around the house.

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