Brother printer MFC-9335CDW wt box end soon

Dec 22, 2009
Hi folks

I used to have a Brother printer MFC-9330CDW since 2015 (model ending with 0 not 5) I never replaced wt box ,,,,,,,yes I did replace the drum once and before one month I disposed it

Now I have got another 2x almost new Brother printer MFC-9335CDW (model ending with 5 not 0) from my friend which were sitting in his workshop storage for a while as he is using 2xindustrial printer machines

The message that I have on one of the brother MFC-9335CDW is : wt box end soon

I followed the below links

Below what I had checked on the wt box :

Can you advise what else I am missing to check ? Is it false positive warning ? Do I need to buy another one ?

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