Brother Printer Using Color Cartridges in Grayscale

Oct 13, 2016
I am new here and hope this is the correct forum for this.

I have a Brother MFC-J885DW. 95% of my printing is in grayscale/draft-grayscale. I have printed perhaps twenty "Genral Print" pages, and less than five color pages, over the past three months. Yet the Brother Control Center shows the color cartridges about half empty.

I understand that general print, even of B&W only text, will mix in some color in the output. But grayscale should not have any color mixed in. The descriptions of the grayscale show the color mode grayed out so no color should be mixed into the printed output. Yet my color cartridges are showing half-empty.

Can someone explain why that is happening and how I can prevent that?

I have attached the grayscale description and control center cartridge status screenshots.

Thank you.


  • Grayscale descrition - 01.jpg
    Grayscale descrition - 01.jpg
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  • Cartridge Status - 01.jpg
    Cartridge Status - 01.jpg
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