Can I have some help for Christmas? :)

Dec 18, 2022
Hello everyone!

I am planning to buy a printer for someone for Christmas, but I could use some help navigating the jungle. I would appreciate it a lot if someone wiser than me could give me their opinion. The following attributes are important:

1) Has to print good quaility on "art paper" with a certain thickness. Not glossy photo paper, so if there is any printer that is cheaper because it does not perform glossy photos well, but thrives with art paper, that would probably be perfect.

2) Ink, not laser. Multiple cartridges.

3) Not super-expensive when it comes to ink. Would be nice to be able to use multiple ink-brands instead of just the printer producers own

4) Can print up to A4. Does not need to print f.ex A3.

5) Budget within 500 $.

Thats about it! And if anyone has good advice apart from my list, please share. For example dye ink vs pigment ink.

Thanks in advance from Øyvind :)

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