Cannot setup email to scan on C364

Jun 8, 2022
Hello guys.

I had try to setup a scan to email with a Bizhub C364, I have been working with other bizhub models and setup this feature without issues.

I have try 2 emails, gmail and my own(, I had use this 2 emails with ther scan2email and no issue.

But this machine is been very strange that with any email I setup once I try scan a doc, input the receiving email, press the button to scan, after finish I receive a communication error.

The network is working, I don't have problems with the network and Internet access.

Any tip or recommendation I will appreciated!!!
Jun 22, 2022
I have the same issue although without any error. In the sent Log my email is there. So the pinter has sent it out. But it never arrives to the Outlook inbox. We have five other Minolta Konica and they all work fine. I've heard that there is the two step verification that could come into play?

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