Canon 8100 Pixma Printer Issue

Jul 24, 2011
I bought a new 8120 Pixma Canon printer and it worked really well with my iMac and Leopard. I put in the new Lion software and even though the printer shows up everywhere it is suppose Easy-Photoprint EX software won't go into action. When I click the icon for it to go into action, it reads "error has occurred. Easy-Photoprint Ex will be terminated." Apply helped me for an hour and we did everything I did the night before a few times. The computer tells me everything is loaded and ready to go. The Easy-Photoprint Ex icons are up on my screen right now staring at me....and probably grinning. I've been told to contact Canon which I'll do tomorrow. Anybody have this problem with any of the Pixma printers running on iMac and Lion?

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