Canon B200 Error 10 Orange 10 White Flashes

Jun 6, 2022
Hi all
Very frustrating problem with a Canon Pro 10 printer
I am getting a B200 error which is an error with the printer head.

I found on a different forum the following instruction
1. Unplugged the printer
2. Held the power button down for 30 seconds
3. Plugged in power cable (then turned power bar on, to be safe), but continued to hold down power button for another 30 seconds
4. Released power button, power light was solid white (no blinking), and went through some process on its own for 3 minutes or so
5. Power button stayed lit solid white, then I printed a document as a test (slow printing, but then this is for pictures; the doc was just a printing test).

This worked and the printer worked perfectly for a year and then the error returned but no matter what the error stayed on.
I couldn't access the printer head because it was in the right hand side of printer at an inaccessible point.
I couldn't get anything to work.
I then randomly pressed the feed button 10 times (I think) and the power but ten times just after and the printer came back alive in its start up routine.
I was then able to press the feed button to get the inks out from where they were hiding, remove the inks and take out the print head and give it a check.
I didn't risk cleaning it as I must watch some youtube videos how best to do it.
I gave it a quick dab and put it back in and put the inks back in and its just printed a beautiful 10 x 15 inch print in perfect clarity.

I've printed a print daily since and it printed perfectly. The output is just perfect - nothing wrong with it.

Now the B200 error is back again and nothing is working and I can't access the print head again (stuck on the right hand side - there appears to be now way to manually move the head out to access the inks and the print head.

It's totally annoying as time and again when it starts running the print head is working and there is nothing wrong with the print head.
It's like a deliberate built in obsolesence preventing a user from using the printer due to false errors that can't be reset.
What is the error protecting me from if its turning the printer into a brick.

Anyone got any ideas of anything I can try

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