Looking to replace a much older Canon printer; current or older model?

Oct 26, 2020
Current printer of probably 8 years: ip4300
Panasonic Laser printer

Printer only, no multi function machine, no wireless connection,

I was considering one of these large tank printers as long as 3rd party ink is available,
Replaceable printhead!! (a must),
Mostly print web pages & .pdf material, very few photos (maybe .5% of the total prints),
Drivers for Win7 & XP Pro,
I would like to stay with Canon (15 years with Canon now) but that's not cast in stone,
I would prefer 4 tanks (not 5 or more).
Service & troubleshooting literature available!

I was looking at a G1200, but the print speed is terribly slow which was the only negative I read about.
Something after the models that took the PGI-5/ CLI-8 carts with resettable chips.

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