Canon G5050 printer - 7,700 pages per ink set - OH REALLY???

Sep 23, 2017
Hi all,

So I bought Canon's G5050 printer on the grounds that although the printer itself is a bit pricey it has very cheap running costs. The fact that Canon claim you can get up to 7,700 colour pages from each ink set was what sold it to me.

So far I have printed out MAYBE 200 pages altogether. Some just black text and about 30-40 which involve a lot of colour (fliers for my business, some artwork etc).

Currently I am about 1/3 the way through the Cyan and about 1/5 through the Yellow and Magenta. At this rate I might get 500 pages before I need a Cyan refill, and at that point will probably also be about halfway the Yellow and Magenta.

So my question is: what do Canon (or anyone) define as a "colour page"? I'm guessing they don't actually mean a full colour page but rather a mostly black ink page with *some* colour on it? Does anyone know if there is a definition or an *understanding* of what Canon mean when they say 7,700 colour pages? At the rate the ink is going down in mine it'll be more like 500 pages before refills are needed!



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