Canon i965 waste ink absorber

Discussion in 'Printer Repair' started by Icebear4, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Oct 31, 2011
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    Hi. I have an old i965 which works fine, but I now get the message "waste ink absorber almost full" every time I switch it on. Can I clean this absorber and how do I get to it?
    Thanks, Rob
    Icebear4, Oct 31, 2011
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  2. Icebear4


    Apr 12, 2016
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    20160411 Canon i965 Bubble Jet Printer Waste Ink Tank Pad Replacement
    Bill’s experience

    In Spring 2016, my Canon i965 started Waste Ink Pad Full Error messages whenever I wanted to print
    After extensive web search, I could find no clear instructions (Canon’s or otherwise) how to clean the waste ink pads on my old and faithful Canon i965 Bubble Jet Printer
    If you want to attempt this process yourself, I hope my notes are of use to you


    NB; I am neither a specialist printer technician nor an electrical specialist. I did this at my own risk and for the challenge and fun of it
    If you undertake this process, then you do so also AT YOUR OWN RISK – it is your responsibility to take advices before you tamper with electrical equipment, ensuring your own and others’ safety and the equipment’s operational safety
    I accept no liability for your decisions and actions nor for any losses etc you or others may suffer arising from what you do
    All I can say is that this is what I did. I do not claim that it is correct, however my printer is now working normally again

    Potential Hygiene and Damage WARNING

    The WIPs contain skin indelible ink
    WEAR GLOVES, unless you want to self tattoo yourself. (Rubber Marigolds are good, Boxing ones just make this task difficult).
    Protect your clothing from the ink or wear old clothes
    Also choose your working location ie if you are thinking of doing this in a home environment clingfilm or otherwise PROTECT YOUR SINK if it’s ceramic etc and also the immediate workplace surroundings, unless you want a dark coloured sink etc after the process


    The Canon i965 printer does not have a waste ink tank – it has 5 Waste Ink Pads (WIP)
    I could find no quick release mechanism to get to the WIPs – they are located in the bowels of the printer in 3 adjoining bays at the front and on the bottom of the Lower Casing (LCasing)
    You need to free up the Upper half of the Casing (UCasing) to gain access the Printer Innards (PI)
    The PI in turn need to be unscrewed and released from the LCasing, (and carefully set atop the LCasing, since the PI are still attached to the LCasing by electrical wiring) to allow you free access to the WIPs
    NB; you need to reassemble the printer later, so be aware where you put the removed bits and screws and where they came from and how they fitted together (maybe tape the screws to respective part of the casing as a reminder or sort out your own memory reminder system)

    Tools etc

    This procedure took me several hours, not including the WIPs drying time
    Find an acceptable work place and work clothes
    Establish protection for sink and workplace
    You need 1 long, thin MAGNETIC screw driver which has a very small screw head to remove the screws
    You will need the magnetic aspect of the screw driver when you come to try to put the screws back into their respective holes, which are located in the bowels of the printer. If you fail or drop the screws, like I did many times, the magnetic pickup facility was a partial relief from the frustration I had on this part of the procedure


    By removing the removable drop down panel at the back of the printer and set it aside till reassembly

    Release the Power Button Unit (PBU)

    The PBU needs to be made free, so unscrew the 2 screws which hold the PBU in place.
    Once the PBU was freed, I could not easily find a way to detach the electrical wiring connecting the PBU to the PI, so I left the wiring in situ and was CAREFUL not to stress / pull on this connection when the UCasing was removed
    There is NO need to detach this wiring, so don’t

    Open the printer casing

    Take a look around the vertical sides of the printer – you are looking for 6 small rectangular slots in the plastic casing, which indicate the location of the internal pressure clips; these clips hold the Ucasing to the LCasing.
    As you look at the front of the printer, they are located as follows;-
    UCasing (2); 2 on the front side – 1 to the left and 1 to the right (the PBU would sit over and covers this one)
    LCasing (4); 2 on the left side near the back – 1 on the right side near the back – 1 on the rear side at the right
    Using eg, a thin longish screw driver, poke the screwdriver through the slots to pop and release the clips and with a little encouragement from you, this should allow the UCasing to gently separate and be released; set it aside to the right of the LCasing – Remember the PBU is still attached via the PBU wiring

    Release the PI from the LCasing

    There is NO need to remove ink cartridges etc in this process; so don't
    Remove the loose grey plastic infill segment located to the back left of the PI and set it aside till reassembly
    Now, there are 4 screws which attach the PI to the LCasing (2 large and 2 small; remember which holes they go in) – you will see them if you look down from above, into the PI
    When facing the front of the printer and looking down into it, 2 screws are located (next to each other) back left and 1 is located back right – these 3 screws are at floor level in the LCasing
    The 4th screw is at the right side, mid-way along the right side and is ‘in the air’
    Once the screws are removed
    You can also release the left hand side (only) of the grey plastic bar which lies horizontally across the front of the printer and let it slant and sit slightly away from the printer – this allows more space for the PI to be lifted out
    Take hold of the top sides of the silver metallic bar which runs horizontally across the middle of the printer (and which supports the carcase of the PI) and with a little careful jiggling, the PI will come loose, then up, out and away from the LCasing fairly easily, BUT the PI remain attached to the LCasing by wires - place the PI at an angle to sit it on top of the LCasing
    There is NO need to detach this wiring, so don’t
    Again be CAREFUL not to stress / pull on the wiring connections, which are still in place between the PI and the LCasing
    The 5 WIPs, which are in 2 layers, are now freely accessible to you - Remember how they fit together


    ** see the Potential Hygiene and Damage WARNING above

    Once suitably attired and the sink or working area has been prepared, lift the WIPs out in turn and rinse each one out thoroughly in the sink, until very little or no ink comes out. I used very lightly running warm water
    No need to use chemical or soap cleaners, just use plain water from tap.
    It took about 10 minutes to substantially clean each WIP
    Do not twist the WIPs like a towel; they are delicate and will be damaged
    Finally, press the excess water out of each WIP

    Dry the WIPs

    Dry the WIPs eg in the sun etc (few hours) and finish them off with a hair dryer if needed

    Reassemble the Printer

    Once satisfied the WIPs are fully dry, start to put everything back together.
    Before re-slotting the UCasing to the LCasing, I found it useful to plug the printer in and see if it appears to start normally – mine did so first time, with the Resume Button’s orange light still continuing to flash its 8 flash error code warning

    RESET printer electronics Error Code

    I found the following info at this site;
    Canon S9000, S300, S400, i550, i560, i850, i860, i865, i9100, i9950, PIXMA iP3000 above

    Turn off printer
    Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
    Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
    Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go. The printer's carriage will "reset" or move momentarily. If the above was properly performed the printer will enter the "Service Mode".
    Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
    When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times, this will select the clear waste ink counter function. The lamp will alternate (change) colour with each key press.
    1. Service/Factory test printout, including ink sensor check.
    2. EEPROM - Info printout.
    3. EEPROM - Initialization.
    4. Reset the Waste ink counter.
    5. Printer model setting. (More selections beyond this point - However it is best leave them unaltered - You have been warned!)
    After selecting the desired mode (eg 4), press the POWER button to "set" the change, and return to the top of the function selection menu. Press the POWER button again to restart the printer.
    7. Press the Power button and the printer should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
    8. Your printer should respond as normal.

    Finally - Complete the reassembly process

    I hope this has worked for you as it has for me
    Bill - UK
    billmsn, Apr 12, 2016
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