Canon iR2018 Scan to email encryption problem

Sep 26, 2021
I have an old iR2018 that works great still but the scan to email function has had issues working. I tried making a new email and connection with gmail SMTP and follower all the instructions but i think the issue is that most SMTP servers nowadays requite SSL/TLS encryption. In my settings i have SMTP authentication with email and password but there are no SSL/TLS settings. I keep getting error 753 (A TCP/IP error (Socket or Select error, etc.) occurred when sending an e-mail or sending a fax from the Remote Fax client machine.) In the past i was using a mail.bigpond SMTP but it started working intermittently and then stopped alltogether. Is there some sort of workaround to this as I would like to use the scan to email funtion once again.

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