Canon IX6810 distorted PGBK prints

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Hi, I'm having this issue on my Canon IX6810, other people have reported the same issue on diff forums with different Canon printer models. The issue is on the pigment black printing bent, distorted and blurry lines, all points to this NOT being a nozzle or jets problem, I already performed several cleaning cycles and manual cleaning of diff types.

I was about to buy a new print head to replace the "failing one", but after searching the web I found out other users reporting the same issue after buying and installing a new print head, it's not the print head, it seems it something inside the printer, not the print head. One user reports installing a new one, facing the same issue and then coming back to the old print head and the problem was gone, only to appear again later.

Any help will be appreciated. I'm also trying to find a service tool that works with this model but I've had no luck so far, I hope to find out a way to diagnose what's going on. I love Canon printers but this issue keeps me from the idea of buying another one or replacing the part.

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My printer came back to life after a print head replacement. The model is as reported on the thread: IX6810, it's an old model but it was a fantastic printer when it worked. I searched for a printhead extensively and whoa these are expensive, BUT the main problem is most sellers (ebay and aliexpress) don't show proof of working condition, most of them state the piece was extracted from some used printer and cleaned, whatever, but there is no way to know for sure the condition of the print head and nozzles. A minority won't even talk about the details of the print head.

But finally managed to get a broken Canon MX922 for about US$35, this printer uses different cartridges but it is the exact same print head QY6-0086. And after the replacement I can confirm this printer came back to life with the PGBLACK problem gone :).

However it wasn't easy as it didn't work out of the box and the unit reported error B200 (burned/damaged/high temperature issues) on the print head. I just replaced the print head and placed the cartridges, then the printer would perform automated cleaning cycles, and when trying to print or check the nozzles, it would report error B200, sometimes error 1403 and then B200. I tried over and over with no luck.

Details: But then tried something different ;). First I made sure of performing a full cleaning of the printhead using warm water and alcohol, enough to remove any dried ink, or any pigment inside. I did this until clean water came out of the unit, then I let it rest for drying (external moisture). I tried again and got the same error, but one day after this tried again, this time just replacing the print head, waiting for automated movements and whatever the printer does, and then turning off the unit right away, yes NO printing, not cleaning, no nozzle checking, nothing. And just allowed the printer to sit there for about an hour. Only then I turned it on and tried printing, and it worked. There was no error being reported, and the PGBK issues were gone. I'm happy.

That's it, good luck, and if you decide to try this: whatever happens come here and report your findings so others can benefit from the details.

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