Canon Maxify MB2160 not coming out of sleep.

Oct 21, 2020
Got Canon printer yesterday. Seems pretty good but it took a while for my old eyes to figure the USB hole was the top one; not the phone port lower down!
See bottom of message for other issues.

In Eco Settings/Enable Auto Power/Off 15 minutes, /Auto On/ON

Once it goes into sleep, cant be woken up on print either USB or Wifi.

Other models apparently setting in wifi to disable, this one, cant find anything.

Thanks for replies.

Other issues: Using Ubuntu for some reason it wont print image on Gthumb, but will with Shotwell.
Using pendrive, it has no error message if the drive is NTFS, it just gives the standard message about no images; very non-intuitive; you must format pendrive to Fat32 for it to work.

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