Canon MB5350 Bypass

Sep 9, 2019
Hi everyone.

My Canon Maxify MB5350 has recently run out of ink and refuses to let me access any of it's other functions such as the scanner. Without ink I get error code 1660 and with the (half full) cartridges in I get error code B504. I get that it's trying to protect the printer heads but I literally only want to use the scanner.

I've found override button presses for other Canon Printers but the MB5350 tells me to "contact Canon Support".

I contacted them and seemed to get hold of someone who was beyond smug at the situation, telling me to "get more ink", near enough laughing at my request for the bypass.

I'm not willing to spend £80 on new ink so I don't give a damn about the printer heads. It's cheaper to just buy a new printer at this point. Does anyone at all have any information about how to bypass the ink error codes in order to use the scanner?


- Nagase

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