Canon MG3150 errro P07

Dec 12, 2015

first ,sorry for my english , its not the best.

i have a canon MG3150 for some years now. an error P07 is blinking on display.
i have seen ,that the ink absorber is full,so i have clean it and put it back , but the error is there again.

so i have found the service tool 3400 for canon ,an try to do the EEPROM and cleaning counter . there are some videos on youtube for it.

the problem with service toll ist that ,when i put the printer in service mode ( i think i do it well- six times click the reset button) ,then the program will not work. i can nothing click in program.
when i put the printer in ,i think save mode ( four times click the reset-button) , then i can click something in program but then is coming a prompt-window with the error 006.

how can i use that program well ?

i hope you understand my problem .



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