Canon MG5450 disc printing poor quality

Jun 10, 2022
Hoping someone can help. I can print a full A4 page that looks stunning, inky blacks, vibrant colours and sharp detail, so good in fact it's looks professionally printed. But when I print onto a disc the quality of the print is terrible. Faded colours, grey instead of black and the detail is blurred. The only difference it that for the A4 I'm printing on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper and using Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss as the paper type. For drivers I'm using MG5400 since there doesn't appear to be a Windows 10 driver for the 5450. Printing is otherwise perfect accept for discs.

I'm using Image Garden to print to the discs, I've noticed in the print properties, which are seriously limited for disc printing, is by default set to High quality and Image Correction on. I've tried toggling Image Correction off and setting Custom quality but the quality slider doesn't go beyond Fine (number 2). There's at least one more setting of 1 but the slider doesn't move beyond 2 (number 5 is Draft). In Media Type there's only Printable Disc and Printable Disc (recommended), which appear to be identical. There are no other printing options, such as type of paper on the disc, which may help.

I have in the past, about 3 three years ago, printed on discs absolutely fine, the quality was perfect. It is only now that it's not printing right. I'm using genuine Canon 550 and 551 cartridges and a brand new full set including the larger PGBK and used all the cleaning options and nozzle check patterns.

I don't know what else to do. I've already ruined 6 BD-R discs with terrible prints compared to discs I've printed in the past.

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