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    Hi I need your help, I hope you can give me a hand to fix my printer since canon support was not able to. I removed the printhead from my canon mg7520 to flush it and after I put it back my printer started printing letters, bars and grids wrong I have attaced a pdf copy of my printerĀ“s "print nozzles test pattern" so you can see what the problem is. Bellow are the steps I took to remove the print head I know step 5 is the cause because I did a test page before and the letter and grid printed OK.

    1.- Dida a print nozzle check pattern (printed 100% clear and sharp but colors where missing/clogged)

    2.- Open the display door of my printer, waited for the printhead/inktanks cart to move to the center

    3.- Removed the ink tanks

    4.- Open the small black door with the white CANON logo

    5.- Hand push the headprint/inktank cart to the right just enough to be able to pull the lock to free the print head.

    6.- Flushed the printhead

    7.- Did al reverse steps to put it back together

    8.- Printed a nozzle check pattern all black and color where back working but letters and grid got fuzzy,distorted, misalligned.

    (Printer was ON all the time all the steps)

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    FAUSTOCG, Jul 2, 2016
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