Canon MP520 - need help!

Jan 1, 2014
Hi guys. I have an MP520 that has given brilliant service for years. A few months ago, for some reason it popped up with error code 6A80. I Googled it and tried the suggested fixes of pressing all the buttons in a certain order. It didn't work. Now I plugged it in again for another try and find that it won't even switch on.

Can anyone please help with this? I print a full colour magazine for 250 subscribers on it and as getting a little behind with the printing, as the new Epson I bought to replace the Canon is rubbish and has broken!

On another note, the printing cost of a colour page on the MP520 is stated as being around 3p or something similar, are there any other models out there returning such fantastic value for money?

Thanks for any help....and a happy new year :D

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