Canon paper loading problem

Nov 4, 2021
I have an elderly Canon MG 4250 front loading printer which has recently started to stop loading paper. The reason is that the front rollers have become dirty to such an extent that they can no longer grip the sheet of paper properly and pull it into the printer. Use of the built in roller cleaning facility does not have any noticeable effect. I have therefore devised a simple, quick and effective procedure to rectify the problem.

Equipment required. A thin flat paint brush approximately 2 inches wide. ( it needs to be thin and flat in order to allow it to be inserted fully into the paper in tray) and a quick drying solvent ( I use paint thinners ).

Switch the printer ON and remove all paper from the in tray. Select the built in roller cleaning facility but do NOT activate it at this stage. Dip the brush about a quarter of an inch into the solvent so that it is wet but not dripping. Insert the brush fully into the in tray so that the tip touches the front rollers - I shine a torch into the tray to check that the brush is in the right position. Activate the roller cleaning facility whilst keeping the brush tip in contact with the now moving rollers. When the printer signals that the roller cleaning facility is finished withdraw the brush and allow a few minutes for any solvent left on the rollers to evaporate. The rollers should now be clean. Reload with fresh paper and run a couple of test prints. In my example the printer now prints perfectly without any hitches. Not a bad result for fewer than fifteen minutes work.

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