Canon Pixma IP4700 label printing query

Aug 13, 2010
I've just invested in one of these models coming from a previous line of Epson printers, so finding it a bit strange to figure out how best to print on certain media types. While the others I use (photo mainly) are ok, this one has got me stumped. I tried repeatedly to get the printer to print them from the rear feed as plain paper but it continually tried to take from the cassette and if I left paper in there would just go ahead and print on that. The only way I managed to get one done earlier was to set it up as Other Photo but I worried that that's then printing them in photo quality? I can't find any info on label printing in the manual or anywhere else for that matter, so hoping someone here can help me out. :confused:

To clarify the labels are the sheets of A4 size paper with 14 labels (7 x 2) on by Avery and I need to run 25 sheets through for an entire run, so really don't feel it would be wise to put them in the cassette in case the heat would allow them to come off when turning over.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated - thanks.

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