Canon Pixma iP4300 & iP4700

Mar 21, 2010
A few questions, if I may.

At the moment I have a Pixma iP4300 which is producing streaking in the text every inch or so. I've tried normal cleaning and deep cleaning without success, Before I give up on it is there any last measure that I could try.

If I go for a replacement, as I'm happy with the iP4300, and as I require direct printing on CDs, and as the series has had good reviews, I'm minded to go for the iP4700. What I am wondering is whether Canon intend to bring out a new model, in which case I might wait and see if the price goes down? I bought the iP4300 over 3 years ago and as we're now up to the iP4700 I'm guessing that Canon bring out yearly models.

I normally buy items like this from Amazon but, for the iP4700, they are definitely uncompetitive in price, plus I prefer if I can buy directly from Amazon and not one of their sub-contractors, which is the case here. After a bit of googling I came across which seems to have good reviews. Has anyone had experience of using it?

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