Canon Pixma ip8700 prints black and white pictures with a red cast

Feb 9, 2017
I have a Canon pixma ip8700 printer which was printing via Lightroom on a MacBook Pro running El Capitan. I recently bought a Mac Mini running Sierra and now I can't get a black and white print without a hideous red cast.

During the migration Sierra seems to have installed new Canon printer software and now I no longer have the wide choice of photo paper options. Previously I was able to select 'glossy photo paper' for the Permajet paper I use and got perfect black and white, now I only get 'photo' from the media choice box.

I've wasted a lot of paper and ink trying to solve this, installing older drivers, switching profiles on and off, printing via other software, turning ‘black and white’ on and off, etc.

It's not a printer, ink or paper issue as I can still print from my MacBook and get perfect B&W.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem - I'd be grateful for any advice.



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