canon pixma ix4000 no power

Jan 8, 2013
I was working to fix my canon printer issue which is the black ink on it doesn't print anything. But at ink status it shown that the black ink is still having a lot of ink.
When I test a print, only colored inks are working.

I have read and follow some tips that I found on the in google. Then I have cleaned the cartridge for dirty particles, and even performed a maintenance utility wizard, but nothing fixed. I then tried even resetting, but nothing changed. Then I have read some thread that took a positive effect for some, which is cleaning the prin thead with the isoprophyl alcohol or a distilled water. Since I only have the Isoprophyl alcohol, I did follow the tip. but nothing changed. Until, no idea comes out of my mind.. and I just pressed the resume/cancel button for about 10seconds..then it suddenly turned off. After that I didn't know what happen next, I cannot just power on my printer. I already checked its connections or plugging in to another outlet or replacing the power adapter but it really seems dead.

What gives me a big question mark is: since I have another the same printer which seems having a prin-thead issue only but still Powers On. So I took it to see if something I gonna have to use to have even one to work. I replace its all INK cartridges together with its Cartridge Print Head, then replaced it with nother I got from the first printer I i tried to fix. It reads the cartridge for about 10 seconds and suddenly the printer powered off itself.

I just thinking what causes it to not powering on again. Is it the Isoprophyl alcohol or the print-head that fails having infect some of the printers parts?

Anybody please help me.. you may also message me at 09196029417 / 09054283917 / thank you!!!

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