Canon pixma ix6850 service mode

Mar 7, 2017

I would like to enter my Canon pixma ix6850 printer in service mode but for some unknown reason I can not...

I do everything as it is written in the manual (see below), but at the end the the printer isn't blinking by green but the resume button constantly lights yellow.

Do you have any hint where to search?
Thank you in advance!

Set the printer in Service Mode (
- power OFF the printer by Power button. Dont disconnect power cable
- connect the printer by USB cable to the PC.
- press and hold Resume button (red triangle in the red circle) and press Power button
- hold both buttons until power on indicator will light then release Resume button (dont release Power button) and press Resume button 5 times and for MG series - 6 times!
- release all buttons - the printer will blink few times with green light and will then light green constantly. You have put the printer in Service Mode now and you can now run the Service Tool. (If the printer is still blinking by green - you have some other errors in printer and you have to fix them first, because the Service Tool will not work if the printer is not put in service mode - green light is constant)

Deleted member 14725

Resurrecting thread, any luck? I'm on the same boat with my Canon IX6810, no luck so far entering Service Mode.

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