Canon pixma MG5600 series printer issues

Jul 24, 2018
Hi, we've had our printer for a couple of years now and it has an intermittent issue. Every now and again it seems to stop printing sections.

This isn't banding like ink is running out, it's huge chunks. For example, we print a lot of barcodes and it is cutting a slice (which changes, not always the same slice) out.

I have changed the inks, cleaned the heads etc. A friend also said it can be a paper setting issue and one time this did work, by setting the paper back to A4. Unfortunately not any more though.

I think it might be only a black and white issue as it seems to print the colour part better. We have printed one sheet where the colour printed fine but it left all the black text off completely.

Can anyone help? I'm at a loss.

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