Canon Pixma MG6150

Nov 29, 2011
Bought the MG6150 today, installed it and did my first print. 2 lines of text & I had a message saying 4 of the ink cartridges may be empty!! They're having a laugh surely, selling printers with next to nothing in the cartridges. This is my third Canon & this has never happened before. Now I need to source some asap & prices are pretty steep. Does anyone know the best place to get these from? Also, can anyone advise on compatibles? Do they give as good quality on photo prints as OEMs? I have never used them before for fear of damaging my printer but with prices the way they are I am seriously thinking of giving them a go. Any advice gratefully received.


Jun 27, 2013
Hmmm ... odd
* Bought new, or used? Demo at the store? Or perhaps it has been sitting around a long, loooooong time and the dye ink has dried (unlikely).
* I've got a Canon MP990 that is the USA version of the previous generation of your MG6150 (uses CLI-221 dye ink cartridges with the same 9 ml ink, but semi-opaque cart rather than the fully opaque CLI-526 that the MG6150 uses)
* Excellent printer with potentially very good photo printing since it has a Gray dye ink cartridge.
* Should be potentially very good for b/w photo printing (which I haven't done, so "consider the source")
* But I am much more a fan of the CLI-8 based printers with 13 ml ink capacity and translucent cart shells that are relatively easy to refill.

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