Canon Pixma MP210 weird error



Hi Everyone,

After tearing down my old Canon Pixma MP210 printer trying to fix some issue of paper not being pulled, I now have a weird unknown error when I turn it on, see screenshots attached.
20190319_185404.jpg 20190319_185403.jpg
Instead of an error code I just see this "square" continuously flashing.

This is immediately showing when turning the printer on, also when turning on:
Cartridges are moving normally as usual, overall the printer seems to do it's usual startup normally.
However buttons are not triggering any action (except On/Off button).

If anyone have any clue on what this could be due to that would greatly help.

Additionally, I've tried to disconnect the scanner from the printer motherboard(?) and then when turning On I do get an error related to scanner (as per canon error code list).


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