Canon Pixma MP450 - Print Head Problem

Dec 11, 2012
I posted about this on two other forums. Both forums are loaded with smart people
who know tons about computer hardware and software. Strangely, there were many
views, but no replies. It's as if Canon printers were some obscure brand! Well, that's
why I joined the Printer Forums.

Here's my post:

I still have this older model MFP for a good reason. I keep a highly customized
version of 98SE on a laptop, that was used when I started a business many years
ago. (Our office desktops are powerful machines running Windows 7.)

This MP450 is used infrequently. I alway run a few full color test prints, to keep the
ink tanks from drying out.

I'm getting misaligned and fractured fonts. I ran the alignment procedure from the
MFPs maintenance screen, as well as the Canon software. The sheets are completely
clean. There is no smearing.

I'm not sure if this means anything, but here are the results from the alignment

A = 0
B = 0
C = -2
D = +1
E = -2
F = 0
G = +1
H = +2
I = -1
J = 0
K = +1
L = 0

If the print head is not defective, I was thinking of establishing a new baseline by setting
all the rows to "0." Then I could gradually go positive or negative until the fonts appear
normal. Probably a complete waste of time.

I've been repairing mechanical and electrical devices since I was a kid, so if this MP450
needs a new print head (or something else) I can probably do the work.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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