Canon Pixma TS3522 Issues

Dec 9, 2022
Hello everyone

I work at a school and one of out teachers bought this thing about a year or so ago and it has been hell dealing with it since then. It kept disconnecting from the wifi and changing its IP address so frequently that I had to assign it a static one just to keep her laptop connected properly. That worked for quite a while but now it's printing intermittently. Sometimes she'll send it a print job and it'll print half of the pages. Sometimes it wont print at all. Today when I was testing it and trying to get it to print I sent it a print job and specifically set it to only print the first page and it just started printing page after page after page and the first few weren't even in any particular order! It printed my page, then a few other random pages from that document and then started printing from like page 7 onward. The teacher had the same issue earlier too, it wouldn't print at first and then it just started printing parts of the jobs she sent it. Any idea what's going on here? Is this thing just garbage? After I set a static IP it behaved itself for almost four months before it started acting strangely again.

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