Canon Pixma TS8050 now only prints in black

Jun 23, 2019
Canon Pixma TS8050 started to print from iPad WiFi link only in black, Will not print colour, even in colour photocopy mode with computer off. I’ve replaced all the ink tanks with the very expensive genuine Canon ones. Printer recognised all new tank levels full but would not print nozzle-check in colour. Did a deep-clean —- no change. Thought it might be print-head burnout, so replaced print-head with a new Canon one, then replaced inks — printer recognised ink tanks, now only 75 percent full — but still only prints in black. Checked driver on info screen on printer — says latest driver installed. Cleaned old print-head, dried it, put it back, replaced ink tanks, did deep clean, no change. Magenta now empty.

I don’t think it’s a hardware problem since it seems stuck in default ‘print black’ mode. Is there a ‘factory re-set’ function on the printer ? A ‘reboot’ function ? A disabled ‘Print in Colour’ command somewhere in software ?

I am very slightly not impressed by this printer. Any ideas before it goes into the skip ?

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