Canon Pro 1 B200 error


Dec 15, 2022
I have a Canon Pro 1 printer that's given me perfect service until now. Unfortunately I've just had the dreaded B200 error code that's stopped it in it's tracks. Apart from the two flashing lights on the front there doesn't appear to be power to the rest of the machine. If all it needed was a new printer head then the carriage should return to the centre, this isn't happening due to the lack of power. Also I know that nearly all inks were running very low, but the front ink doors won't open as there's no power seemingly getting to the switch (not lit up).
As the 'Power Supply Unit. K30325' is buzzing it's been suggested that this could be the problem and replaced as a first option, PLEASE does anybody know where I could buy one.
This is my first ever post, is there anybody out there?

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