Canon TS8151 printing probs

Sep 28, 2020
Hi Peeps,
So fab this forum exists ....and wishing someone can lend me their knowledge over issues with my Canon Ts8151 printer. (its about 2-3 years old).

Its given me no issues since I bought it until the last few times where it has been 'jamming' my paper. it seems to be more of an issue using the rear tray to print but I am getting very familiar removing the back cover or finding the paper when I lift the scanning lid, I don't know if that has any bearing on my new problem with it?

Tonight however it has started black steaking on my paper, I've attached a pic of what I am getting from printing a head allignment and this is following peforming a roller clean (cassette and rear tray), bottom plate clean and print head clean. I dont get any marks performing those tasks. All the cartridges are original canon, none are running out. i've tried runnning off 20 pages of 'invisble print' which don't give me the problem but as soon as I try and actually print anything, any colour I am getting black streaks! if it could be a cartridge this printer has three blacks, so don't know how to work out which black is making the marks.

I am really at a loss as to what else to try ..... these aren't the cheapest printers in the world and am worrying it could be the print head (and more ££££) but before I pay for someone to look at it for me I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues or could suggest anything ..... other than turn it into a garden ornament... and no talking nicely to it or swearing at it doesn't make it behave itself and crikey if I try to sing to it to soothe it, it really will give up on me!! :)

aaahhh, any suggestions will be very much appreciated!!

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