CISS ink used with an Epson XP-820 printer

Oct 2, 2019
I have an Epson XP-820 Printer and installed a CISS (continuous ink supply system).

It works well except every once in a while the Epson printer doesn't recognize the installed in cartridges. So I need to go back and forth between error messages from the printers LCD screen while removing and re-inserting the ink carts so the printer thinks I'm re-installing or inserting a new cart. I normally do this until the printers firmware comes up with an error message where one must scroll down to read that the ink cart(s) inserted are not Epson and if I would like to proceed with the non-Epson Ink carts, where I select "yes" and then continue.

Also I need to use the CISS with the printer ink area open as there's no enough room for the CISS tubing to go back and forth unless the printer top lid is left open.

When done printing I normally partially close the printer lid.

I suppose if I drilled a hole somewhere in the side of the printers case I "may" be able to run the CISS ink tubes somewhere inside, but currently there isn't enough room near the ink carts so the ink tubes can move freely back and forth while printing.

Anyone else here using an Epson XP series printer with CISS?

I switched to CISS as I was constantly running out of ink and needing to purchase and replace ink cartridges which do have a shelf life of around two years.

Other than the problems with the CISS ink tubing I'm finding the CISS much better than individual ink carts as I don't run out of ink which can be stored for a much longer time with the CISS. Other than the Epson Firmware not accepting non-Epson ink carts and incompatible CISS ink tubing, there hasn't been any other printing problems.
Nov 17, 2019
I have An Epson Wf 3720 and an XP-310. Just recently I installed a cis system into the 310.
Now, I can’t get the printer cleared of a false paper jam error codes. I haven’t been able to print a test page yet.

I switched to the system too because I kept running out of ink on the WF and at $80 for all four and not being able to get new cartridges for the XP. I’m also tired of relying on my dad’s HP to get work documents printed.
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