Is CISS from Epson R285 compatable with Epson P50?

Aug 4, 2012
Hi there, basicly in work we have a Epson R285 with CISS system, its brilliant, cant fault it at all, does the job perfectly. However, we had problems yesterday and couldnt suss it out (waste thing has locked us out basicly from what ive been reading).

Boss has said we could get a new one. Looked around and it seems the R285 has been replaced with P50.

Does anyone know if we could use the CISS ink system with the P50 if we purchased that? I had a look around and somebody mentioned it wont wont because of different pins or clips (cant remember which sorry). Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Or suggest an alternative printer that we can use the current CISS ink system we already have? Boss is willing to pay upto £130. Hope this helps, hope someone can advise me!


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