Color Toner magically disappeared?

Aug 1, 2013
I've been printing black and white for months after filling my Samsung CLX-3185 full with both color and black toner. But I noticed that throughout my grayscale printing life, the color toner bar on the alert bar has been slowly going down.Now, just when I actually need to print in color, the color toner bar is a zero and it says to replace toner. What sort of joke is this?

I've had experiences with toner display reporting zero when I could still squeeze out a hundred more pages. This is because printer manufacturers want you to waste toner and buy theirs quickly. I get it and I use brand new detection chips to work around that. But this is a different story. Somehow, the printer has been thinking I was printing color all this time when I stayed away from the "color" option. Now, It will not print even with a full load of cyan, magenta, and yellow in the canisters. Anyone have a solution? Or should I throw away perfectly full canisters of color toner and buy new ones, physically taking them out whenever I need to print black?

NOTE: Black prints fine. I tried canister chips for the color toners but they didn't work.

Thanks for your sympathies.
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