Color Toner Page Yields based on Coverage

Apr 18, 2007

I have been getting conflicting information from various sources on calculating page yields.

Most color toner cartridges are rated at 5% color coverage.

For example, if a printer uses a Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta
and if the cartriges yields 10,000 pages on a 5% color coverage,
assuming a color print out uses approxmiately the same amount
of ink from each cartridge, does that mean if it is a 10% color page
that is always printed, the yield is reduced 5, 000 pages, if its a 20% color coverage page that is always printed, the yield is 2,500 pages... etc ?

I realize in the real world every page printed has different color coverage
and that each color printed may use different proportions of each ink color,
I am just trying to get a ballpark approximation of color toner usage for a color printer I am considering purchasing, in an application where the color
printing is much higher coverage than the 5% color coverage that is typically cited in the specifications.

Thanks !

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