Connection issue with Epson XP-900 printer

May 10, 2021

I'm having the weirdest issue with my Epson XP-900. I use it a lot, and have never had any issues before. Suddenly, it won't print due to a 'communication error'. The printer is connected to the wifi, and the printed report states excellent connection with no errors. My laptop is also connected to the same wifi, and my laptop says my internet is good and with no connectivity issues. I've reset all settings on the printer to default and tried setting the wifi up all over again. It connects every time. I've reset all my saved printers on my laptop in case there is a glitch, but it makes no difference.

Trust me, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Epson software about a hundred times. Everything is technically as its supposed to be. I've also just ran the product set up software again, and the issue seems to be that my laptop just can't find the printer. The printer and laptop are on the same wifi, but it just CANNOT seem to see it for some reason. The setup software keeps saying the printer is not connecting to the wifi, but according to the printer, its fully connected. My laptop keeps giving me 'communication error' or 'printer not found' or 'unable to connect to printer server - it may not exist'. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

The printer is around 2 and a half years old, and always been in excellent working condition. This just happened out of the blue .

Ps - I've turned everything off and on again multiple times
Aug 6, 2019
I had this issue some time back and found that if I connected the printer via Ethnet cable to the router, all worked well.
Are you able to connect via USB and see what happens.
Not sure if you can help but I can only print two sided if I add the printer as Secure AirPrint but I can't print CD/DVD's.
To print CD/DVD's I have to add the printer as Bonjure Multifunction but then can't print two sided.

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