Creating Users with Different Functions

Apr 18, 2018
Good morning,

I work as an IT Tecnhician for a company and was recently asked to close down Color Printing for most of the people in a department and enable it for some others.

We have a Ricoh Aficio MPC3500 installed. The firmware's version is 1.09 and the drivers we have installed on it are PCL 5c.

I'm not very accustomed with the web interface of this printer (all the rest printers we have are of a different company) and so far after searching and working on it for almost 2 full days i have only managed to create users in the address book and assign them the desired privileges - but not be able to successfully print. From the pc i see (and eventually cancel) the job's not getting to the printer.

When i try to copy straight on the printer there is a proc for Username and Password. None of the given ones work though (i didn't try to insert the "admin" with the default "blank" password. At this point i reset any change i made since no one was able to print at all for now.

I understand i offer kind of blurry information but i was hoping for some step-by-step help by someone with more in-dept knowledge than me and maybe some suggestions as to what is needed.

With kind regards,

GK Spiros

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