DCP T420W print out too Magenta-ish

Jul 11, 2021
Hi guys, I just recently bought a DCP T420W. I found the photo/images I print (either plain paper or glossy) are too magenta-ish. I use an iMac running High Sierra and use the Brother Print&Scan software to print, scan etc... Then I discovered that I cannot tweak the colors b/c the software only shows "generic" choices for color: Quality >Fine or Normal or Eco Mode.

My current work around is to make a copy of the image, work on that copy (reduce the on-screen magenta significantly) then save THAT as a jpeg and print that copy. Of course this copy now looks paler/yellower that the original image I printed but the printed copy is now nearer to the original image I wanted.

Has anyone discovered how to be able to tweak the setting?

A million thanks in advance

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