Dell 924 says cartridge is "incorrect"

Jul 21, 2010
Hi, I'm new here.

I use various refilled cartridges from different sources in my printer. My colour cartridge showed signs of running low on at least one colour, so I put in a cartridge I bought last year. It wouldn't work and the printer display said it's an "incorrect" cartridge. I then wondered if the seller had supplied the wrong cartridge because although it has the correct (new) label, the back edge of the lower part flares out a little, unlike all the other catridges I've used in this printer. I tried another one from a different supplier (that looks exactly like others I've used) and the printer again said it's "incorrect". I think at least the second I tried is correct, so I wondered if anything I can rectify might be causing the printer to consider it incorrect? If I replace the nearly empty one, it still considers this correct.

As both the 'problem' cartridges were bought about 11 months ago, I don't know if this means that it's wise to use reconditioned cartridges quicker than this?

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