Desperate search for CM4730MFP firmware card image

Oct 18, 2015
Just got this printer from a friend as "non-working for parts or scrap" - missing formatter board.
Replaced a formatter board and printer came alive. Just a tiny problem - the formatter is from CM4730XM MFP. Only the scanner is not working. The printer works fine though. I have a suspicion that the scanner assy is different in that model.
I have a tiny hope, that replacing firmware CF card with one, that is restored with CM4730MFP image, will fix this problem.
Is there anyone with access to a CM4730MFP and is willing to take an image of firmware CF card? I will give thorough instructions or even video on how to do it. You just have to get a CF reader for pc. You are not risking on damaging that huge device and even more - you will have a backup of firmware for the unfortunate event that the CF card dies or gets corrupted - HP is kindly asking 57€ for such a card + shipping, which I think is not adequate, considering that it might not work for me. I am willing to pay something to a person that takes the image, though.

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