Desperately Need Help - WF4640

Jul 30, 2016
My Epson WF4640 is basically a boat anchor at this point. We're trying to run the office on little NX-620 series because the big machine is unusable. The only help I get from Epson is "clean the print heads".

I have extraneous lines of tiny dashes PRINTED on my documents. Sometimes they go all the way across the page, sometimes they are in the margins (both sides of the page). These are tiny dashes that are PRINTED - they are not smears or smudges. I have tried everything I can think of, Epson support is not helpful at all.

It does NOT appear that this is a computer problem - all computers on the internal net are affected. We tried making two-sided color COPIES using only the printer without a computer attached. Got one clean copy and then it started printing those tiny dashes on subsequent copies

Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone shed any light on the problem? I would be most appreciative.


Feb 3, 2017
i had the misfortune 2 years ago to buy an Epson workforce WF 5690, was a super machine while it kept working but just as the guarantee was nearly up the head clogged up and it malfunctioned. i took it back to where i bought it and it was returned to germany and a replacement came back after a MONTH . that replacement printer again was bran new and now just as the guarantee ran out last month the heads on this one too have clogged up. took it back to place i got it again and was told epson wont cover it and they wanted nearly 300 euro too fix it. i took it home again and rang around printer repair places and once they all heard the make they shook their heads and said no we cant guarantee they could clear the heads .... i paid over 550 euro for that printer which was a complete and disgraceful waste of money ,would i but another one totally NO.
and before some one says did we use compatibles ink in it ,we did not and always bought the epson ink replacements for it.

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