Do They Still Say Sleeping... ?

Apr 14, 2015
I have a Samsung CLP 500N which says "Sleeping..." on the LCD when in Stand By mode. :) I think this is funny but I guess it is no big deal because I guess you can call it Sleep Mode. Even if it is trival, I still like the printer.

But I am thinking about giving up on this printer. 1. I don't think it is compatible with Windows 7, etc. 2. I would like to find the add-on paper tray (giving it 2 trays) but I have been unable to find it. 3. The imaging unit or drum (giant green thing) is scratched. 4. I broke the toner door off because it just wouldn't ever shut properly. (I stick something inside the door trigger to make the printer think the door is closed). I think this part is impossible to replace, only to have the door malfunction again.

So there is at least four reasons I should upgrade to a new and better printer. Can somebody tell me if the newer samsung CLPs still say "Sleeping..." on the LCD screen?

If they don't, then are there any other brands similar to Samsung which say "Sleeping..."?

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