WF-3640(US) returned to UK. Won't recognize the UK "27" cartridges. Still expects "252" format

Feb 5, 2020
Our Epson WF-3640 was fairly well behaved in the US using the 252 color cartridges and 252XL black no problem. All was well after moving to UK since the voltage switches automatically, etc.
Until we ran out of Black ink! We bought the remanufactured cartridges "27" equivalents in the UK to start with.
--It accepted the cartridge physically and asked us to shut the lid, then it complained about compatibility, i.e. that it needed Black 252/252XL
So we went to Epson to purchase the right genuine Epson cartridges. Same problem, same message.

Switched the country location... there were only two options appeared, so I thought this may do the trick... switched from US to UK. Same thing.

I downloaded fresh drivers from the Epson UK site, thinking the new UK driver would teach the existing one a thing or two, and to expect the Black 27/27XL cartridges instead. No.

Called Epson UK support who told me that the US printer is designed to accept US cartridges. Wellll... yes, but which part of the printer? I would have expected the printer driver, or printer set up, or printer firmware... and would have expected that to be replaceable with the UK version of the same software. They say it's the chip on the ink cartridge that tells the printer which format it is. That makes sense... and I'm looking to tell the printer that it's Brexited and has made the right move heading to the UK, and that really, it is ok to accept UK cartridges called "27".

Need some wisdom!

Pics attached...

Installed cartridge.

After closing the lid, it confirms the cartridge has been correctly inserted.
Then says...

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