Doubts about printers

Nov 13, 2021
Good morning everyone,
I am considering the purchase of a printer with tanks and I have a couple of doubts about the characteristics. I don't want to modify a printer with CISS systems but I would like a native one with that technology. I need to print a lot for office use, but I don't care much about quality, I don't have to print photographs. I just want to keep low printing costs.

Basically there are three models that respond to these characteristics:

Epson Ecotank
HP Smart Tank
Canon Mega Tank

Epson printers have the advantage that they use dye inks and are available at low cost (1 liter = € 7-8). The disadvantages are:
- the waste ink pads can be replaced but the printer will always see them as full and it is therefore necessary to use a software to reset the counter, or to bring the printer to service for maintenance
-The printheads are not replaceable, they are not sold on the market and the printer must be brought in for service. Furthermore, if the head has to be cleaned, it cannot be removed, complicating the cleaning operation.

HP printers have the advantage of having replaceable heads and cost a few tens of euros. From what I understand it is not possible to replace the ink recovery pads, there is not even a counter inside the printer that monitors the level, but once full the ink will start to come out in the printer. Is anyone aware of a procedure to replace tampons?
-The disadvantage of this printer is that it uses thermal ink, which has an excellent aesthetic yield but are very expensive. Not having the need to print photographs, the cost of ink is definitely a defect.

Canon printers have replaceable heads, an ink waste tray which is sold as a consumable, not so expensive. Do you know which inks it uses? The thermal ones, dye or other?

Can you please confirm that what I wrote is correct? Is there something I'm missing?
Based on the above, which printer would you choose?


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