Scanner Software with Epson Printers

Apr 21, 2021
I have used the domestic-grade Epson printers for years at home and love the print quality. The scanner that is built into the models that I have used most recently (Epson SX235W & XP-245) is also really good in my opinion.

The earlier model (SX235W) came with a brilliant bundled program 'Epson Scan' which I have found really easy to use and which produces great results. I have scanned books with it - relatively easily. When this scanner became unreliable I bought the XP-245 which comes with an updated version, 'Epson Scan 2.' This is a dogs dinner in comparison - the learning curve was much steeper and it is much less flexible and easy to use. I approached Epson about this but they don't seem that interested.

I was wondering if I am the only one to think this way? I have the excellent 'VueScan' software which has saved the day but even that I find not as flexible as the original Epson Scan. If I had the skills, I'd hack the original Epson Scan to work with my newer printer - can't be that difficult to do this, and I even told Epson so. But I don't...

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