SELF-RESOLVED: Epson Scanner "Unable to save scan ... not enough free space"

Mar 2, 2021
Epson ET-3760 I have saved scanned images before but it's in a bad mood today. "Unable to save this image to the current location because there is not enough free space..." I have 57 Gb on the main drive and about 3.2 Tb on another drive. Lots of free space. Reboot/restart doesn't fix it. Suggestions? (I must say Epson Scan 2 software is very primitive. Is there better scan software to work with this printer?

The VueScan trial version and even scanning through Control Panel works just fine. Just not Epson Scan 2.

Windows 10 64 the latest updates. 16 Gb RAM
RESOLUTION from Epson Support site, I was one click from Submitting my problem and decided to dive into one of their Suggestions first. In the Windows Search box, lower left corner, enter Epson Scan 2 Utility. Then selection the Option tab, then Reset. It worked. But I'm thoroughly, um, ticked that I had to go that far.
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